I am baffled by the people that seem so nice and could be such great friends, could turn on someone so easily. Even if they say “I am nice to people if they are nice to me” that could be total bullshit. It’s sad. I look around on facebook, tumblr, and other social networking sites and see this drama that is unneeded. Backstabbing, lies,¬†betrayals, rude comments, disgusting trash talk. I just simply can’t stand it. I’ve seen people close to me get caught up in it and it hurt me to sit by and watch. I try to convince that it’s not worth it to so many people but it seems few will listen.

No matter how much I tell myself to not get involved, I seem to just try to reach out however I can. I don’t like seeing people fight. I don’t like people getting hurt. I know some people just want to be liked by everyone. That is a feat that nobody could attain. I can’t attain that no matter how hard I try. People make enemies. Even if you don’t realize it. I have enemies and yet I do not know who or even why. I just wish all of the online mayhem and fighting would end. Stop making posts and statuses about each other. Stop trying to attack each other. Stop hurting each other. Stop trying to dig a knife into the other deeper than how deep they dug into you. Stop it. Please.

I am begging the online community to stop hating each other, attacking each other, hurting each other, writing things to just get to one another. It continues to move back and forth without any intent to stop. Just please, realize what damage is being done and take your hands off the keyboard.

Thank you.